About Us

The Gathering Center in Stetson, Maine

The Gathering Center is a place where the consciousness of the earth is available to us, inviting our unique consciousness into relationship to become who we came to be. Feel the gentle energy here welcoming you, supporting you, yet challenging you to move closer to your edge. Set aside your limitations just for one moment at a time and discover who you can be.

Winter at the centerHosts

Your hosts Georgia and Dennis are part of the fabric that will support you in any venture you choose to attempt. We schedule teachers and programs that nurture the participants and the community.

Georgia’s Journey

Georgia’s history includes receiving a degree in Sociology and Political Sciences from her home state at California State University, Long Beach and beginning her grant writing at UC Irvine.  Her move to Maine in 1974 fostered involvement in vibrant communities and working in nonprofit organizations, where she has woven a pattern of connection that clarifies and affirms the vision she shares with Dennis that their land and buildings become elements of shared community.

Deep connections with Maryknoll Sisters, with Bangor’s Sister City Carasque in El Salvador, and with peace and justice issues through PICA in Bangor have contributed to her commitment to create community based on principles of wholeness.  Teaching Youth Ministry at St. John’s in Bangor; mentoring youth in summer programs in Montana; learning massage therapy, Tai Chi, and Qigong; she has had the opportunity to apply her experiences in service to others.

She completed training with the Focusing Institute and became a “Certified Focusing Professional” in November 2015. In April of 2015 she received a certificate for completion of Advanced Training in Wholebody Focusing, with special training in Community Focusing, Thinking at the Edge, and Children’s Focusing.  She retired from grant writing at the end of June 2015 with a focus on growing the Gathering Center and sharing these wisdom tools with others.

Dennis’s Journey

Dennis’s history includes receiving a degree in Mechanical Engineering and beginning his career at E.I. DuPont’s Engineering Research and Development Division in Wilmington, Delaware. It was a short career which led to years of work in construction management on large corporate building projects. In 1973 two roads diverged not in a yellow wood, but on a snowy February day in rural Maine and he took the one less traveled by, and moved to the land that has become the site of the Gathering Center. A wonderful adventure in following a dream.

Sometimes these things happen in a flash, but that was not the case with the Center. Thoreau went to the woods to live deliberately at the age of 28 and took only three months to build his cabin, but he left it by the time he was 30. Dennis didn’t make his move to the woods until he was 30 and continues to build structures to support the Center, including the total renovation of the original house and addition, now called the Manor House.

Over the past five years Dennis has written his first book, Reimagining Home, and has chosen to complete his second book, Right Place, now in editing, before publishing either. (Thoreau did not have success until he published his second book, Walden.) Dennis’s focus is on establishing programs that meet the current needs of individuals and couples, including those who wish to learn how to plan, design, and build their own 21st century appropriate homes, or write and publish their own books.